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StatClean Spray
Compare StatClean to any other multi-surface cleaner and you'll see the 'visible' difference. StatClean cleans all types of surfaces without leaving a hazy film behind. The exclusive formula includes an anti-static agent that repels dust so that surfaces cleaned, stay clean longer! Use StatClean to remove dust, dirt and static charges from computer monitors, glare filters, equipment cabinetry, appliances, audio/visual equipment, televisions, telephones and keyboards. It's safe for use on glass, mirror, plastic, acrylic, metallic, lacquer and laminate surfaces. StatClean is an 8oz. aerosol spray cleaner and contains no ozone depleting CFCs.

Recommended for use with our lint-free CompuWipes.
Part No. 105542-1
MSRP: $4.99 80oz

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